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Radiator Fluid Level Sensor

Radiator Fluid Level Sensor

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This liquid level switch is designed to detect the presence of coolant in the radiator or engine.   

General Information & Features

State-of-the-art electronic switch circuitry is intended to give an alarm signal if the fluid falls below a preset level. There are no moving parts that could be affected by fluid turbulence or vibration. A built-in delay of 5 seconds delay helps avoid false triggers. 


Radiator Coolant Level Sensor

Why is this component so important?

Many generators are equipped with a high coolant temperature switch. They are used to detect if the engine is overheating.  If it does, then the engine is shut down to prevent damage.  Note that it is a coolant temperature sensor, not an engine temperature sensor.  No coolant and it stops working.      

Engine cooling is so important that National building and fire code regulations even require you to check the cooling system, hoses, and coolant level once a week to remain in compliance with safety codes. 

In practice, you should be performing this and other checks on your generator before use.  In reality, many operate generators remotely or unattended.   For this reason, there is this level switch that can be added for extra protection. Should it ever detect low coolant level in your radiator, it will shut down your engine.   Loss of coolant is one of the leading causes of total engine failure.  But, it does not have to be. 

Consider this optional coolant level sensor when buying a generator and have Aurora Generators Install it.  


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