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4A Battery Charger | Smart Charger

  • SKU # GENM1
  • $75.95

Generator Battery Charger | Smart Charger 

For customers who do not use their generator often and don't wish to exercise for extended periods of time just to recharge the generator battery, we recommend and install this "4 AMP ON-BOARD BATTERY CHARGER"

Introducing the NOCO GENM1 1-Bank 4A On-Board Battery

The GENM1 1-Bank On-Board Battery Charger offers the perfect mix of high-technology and rugged construction. With a fully-sealed, waterproof housing, it can be mounted directly onto a variety of applications, including boats, trolling motors, and a wide range of industrial equipment. Guided by an onboard microcomputer, the GENM1 monitors battery activity for safe and efficient charging, automatically minimizes energy consumption and provides redundant levels of safety protection, including spark-proof technology, as well as reverse polarity and overcharge protection.
  • 4 Amp (4 Amps per bank) for charging 12-volt marine and deep-cycle batteries from 20-100 amp-hour
  • Safely charges all types of lead-acid batteries, including Wet Cell, Gel Cell, AGM, Enhanced Flooded or any Maintenance-Free battery
  • 100% completely sealed and waterproof to protect against the most extreme environments and rated at IP68
  • Charge 2X faster than ordinary marine battery chargers in a compact, lightweight form factor
  • ETL approved, including ISO 8846 marine standards and ignition protected (US Coast Guard 33 CFR 183.410)

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