Why does my controller say "Battle Run" or "Battle Mode"?

Battle Run / Battle Mode - DynaGen Controllers

DynaGen TG350 & DynaGen TG410 Controller - Battle Run - Battle Mode

If Battle Mode (see Battle Mode in switched inputs) is active ('Battle Running' is displayed on the screen) the controller will not shut down on failure, and no failure information will be displayed on the screen. If the battle mode is switched off, the controller will shut down on any failure that occurred when the battle mode was active.


Why use Battle Run?

Turning battle mode on disables the controller from responding to warnings or errors and keeps the engine running at all costs. It might be used during an emergency when keeping the generator running is more important than the trouble it is detecting.


Some generators have a switch inside the panel to use this when or if ever needed. On AURORA generators, some have mistaken this switch for a fuse and closed it shut. That turns this function on. You don't want this.

It has been many years since AURORA has used this switch. If your generator is in "battle mode" check that you did not close it shut.

The other likely scenario is that someone entered the controller settings and changed the function of an input the controller was using for another feature.

It means everything must be reviewed to ensure other settings have not changed. This can be done going through every setting manually on the controller or by using a PC and connecting it to the controller, reading the configuration, reviewing it and changing it as necessary.

The software to do this is available from the manufacturer for free.

RapidCore® Configuration Software

If your generator included a USB memory stick, it has the file saved on it as a backup from the factory.  Not all generators include this.