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Linz Electric Alternator

1 PHASE 9 kW 120/240 Volt 60Hz SAE 5 6 1/2

Linz Electric high efficiency alternators are made in Italy and sold around the world.  They are considered a higher quality product and superior to those who use cast iron or grey iron.  Linz alternators use a vibration resistant aluminium alloy that offers superior thermal conductivity and is lighter weight. 

Linz generator alternators are UL listed and CSA approved.  Voltage is regulated to ±1% precision.    

Linz E1X13SC/4 Alternator

Manufacture Linz Electric
Model E1X13SC/4
Type Brushless Automatic Voltage Regulated
Voltage Regulation ±1.0%
Rated Output 120/240 Volt Single Phase 9,000 Watts
Insulation Class H
Warranty 2 Years