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Diesel Engine Reliability - Diesel Generators

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Diesel Engine Reliability in a Diesel Generator


Diesel Engine Reliability


    • Liquid cooled cast steel block and cylinder head
    • A diesel generator has an engine life of approximately 15-20 times longer than a conventional gasoline, LPG or NG engine equipped
    • Cleaner emissions meeting current EPA standards
    • Most diesel generator systems operate at 1800 RPM
    • Diesel generators can run longer continuous hours
    • Less maintenance due to higher quality stronger built engines and less wearable parts  
    • Diesel fuel is easier and more readily available
    • Diesel fuel is the safest least volatile fuel source
    • Diesel engine equipped generators are typically 4x less expensive to operate based on fuel cost and consumption alone.
    • Diesel generators do not require exercising as frequently
    • Best suited and warrantable in commercial applications
    • Best suited and warrantable in Prime Power applications
    • Less expensive installation due to either no Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) system or natural gas (NG) installation, or upgrade.
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