About Us

Aurora Generators office and factory


Aurora Generators was started by a group of people with varied backgrounds in electrical trades, marketing, and sales. After the blackout in 2003 that affected more than 50 million people and was the second largest in history, we realized the importance of producing your own electricity.

We started with portable generators, after researching what was available we found a manufacturer in China that produced a comparable generator to an overly priced name brand. We became the largest online distributor for these units in North America. Unfortunately, like many products, the manufacturer started to trade quality for cost savings. We were not happy with the direction this product was taking us, so we had to find another niche.

Diesel generators were what we were looking for. They had the power our customers wanted with the quality we needed; however, this came at a price. They were large, loud, and gave off a foul odor. We wanted to make a generator that could have all the performance without all the drawbacks. Luckily this all changed with new regulations imposed by the EPA in 2007. As a result, diesel engine manufacturers had to redesign everything to meet these standards. This is what we needed to jump-start our vision.

We used these new diesel technology engines to our advantage. We chose Perkins, a Caterpillar owned company as our manufacturer because of their superior quality, service, and support. We developed our generators around these new engines that no longer produced a foul odor, loud noise or smoke.

Existing designs limited the applications where diesel generators could be used. For this reason, we set out to make Aurora Generators as compact as possible. We created a custom enclosure that not only provided aesthetic appeal but allowed us to reduce the noise of the generator even further. We were extremely proud of the resulting product.

After our experience with our manufacturer in China, we decided to move our production to North America which enabled us to oversee all aspects of our product. Maintaining the quality and workmanship of our generators was our top priority and still is today. The refined product that we developed has made its way to many industries including the military, the oil and gas industry, hospitals and several others.

Aurora has a continuous improvement philosophy. We are committed to obtaining full customer satisfaction through the consistent delivery of high-quality products, and services.

Giving people the ability to generate power themselves is why we started Aurora Generators. Continuous product development and our pride in obtaining full customer satisfaction through consistent delivery of high-quality power generators and service are why we are here today.