Off-Grid Power Generators

Solar power is great when the sun is shining but, the sun can't shine every day. That's where small diesel off-grid generators backup solar systems. Without one, you are always a step away from a total blackout.

An off-grid generator is designed to work with existing solar systems and turn on automatically when needed. Diesel-powered ones are quieter, far more fuel efficient and very dependable with extremely long life. They can work full or part-time as needed. AURORA off-grid generators can be used every day for eight (8) hours and only need an oil change every two months. Change it every 500 hours if used full-time.

You can't depend on the sun to shine, but you can rely on an Aurora Diesel Generators to provide you with clean, safe power when you need it.

Off-Grid Power Generators

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10,000 Watt Diesel Generator | Off-Grid

10,000 Watt Diesel Generator Off-Grid Power Generator  Designed for off-grid power generation with enough reserve power for additional equipment. Powered by a compact three-cylinder Perkins / Caterpillar diesel engine.  It...

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13,000 Watt Diesel Generator | OPEN - OEM

13,000 Watt Diesel Generator | Off-Grid Popular Generator for off-grid, home, trailers and vehicles. This type of diesel generator is a popular choice for use in off-grid homes, vehicles, trailers, commercial/industrial...

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