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Types of Alternators - Single-Bearing vs Two-Bearing 

The alternator shaft, often called the rotor because it rotates, is usually supported by two bearings. This is called a double-bearing alternator because there are two bearings. When the rotor is directly coupled to the prime mover (internal combustion engine, gas turbine, water turbine, etc) it may rely on the prime mover’s end bearing to support it’s weight and allow it to turn smoothly. This configuration eliminates one bearing on the alternator shaft and such an arrangement is called a single-bearing alternator.

Mecc Alte Generator Heads & Alternators

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8.4 kW Pancake Alternator | Mecc Alte | 1 Phase | 120/240 Volt | NPE32-A/4

8.4 kW | Pancake Alternator Mecc Alte NPE Space Efficient Pancake Alternator Single Phase | 120 Volt / 240 Volt Dedicated Wiring Brushless   MECC ALTE Pancake Brushless Alternators  | Dedicated Wiring...

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48 Volt DC Generator / Alternator

DC Generator / Alternator AC Delco - 24 Volt Generator Converted to 48 Volts DC for Off-Grid Applications. This is a "one of a kind" demo unit AURORA received and has...

$290.00 $424.00
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Generator Alternator Fits Perkins 402D-05 & Kubota 3600 RPM Engines | SMF162C | SAE 5 SAE 6.5

8 kW Alternator - 3600 RPM with AVR Special Offer - 50% Off AURORA has been using this brand alternator in our small 8 kW Perkins powered generators for several...

$499.00 $965.00
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10 kW Generator Alternator Single Phase 120/240 Volts MODEL SM160D SAE 5 SAE 6.5

* This item must be shipped by freight truck due to the weight. Please contact us for a shipping quote before you purchase here.  Sinocox  designs,  manufactures  and  markets  the ...

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