Tier 4 "FINAL" Diesel Generators - Buy now before it's too late

Tier 4 "FINAL" Diesel Generators - Buy now before it's too late
Tier 4 Final Generators by Aurora Generators

Why you should buy a generator before 2019

If you can still find one....

The cost of most diesel engines is going up by by about 75% next year.  You will be lucky to even find one by this years hurricane season. Here's why.

New tier 4 final emission standards will come into effect on January 1, 2019. This change will result in a further reduction of the exhaust emission particulate matter by 90%. Engines, under 19 horsepower will see little change and are already available. They are used in generators under 13,000 Watt. Larger ones will require expensive changes and at this time they are not available from anyone.

If the existing engines are not installed in generators by the end of 2018, they can't be sold. Engine companies are or have already stopped production. The new tier 4 engines will not be ready until later in 2019 according to Kubota. Perkins has not announced any release date either.

As engine supply runs out later this year, the cost even for existing units will likely increase.

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