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What is better, gas or diesel powered generators?

What is better, gas or diesel powered generators? 0

There are many reasons to choose a diesel-powered generator over a gas powered generator. Here are a few of the main ones.

In the event of a natural disaster, gas and propane lines are usually shut down by the utility companies prevent further destruction leaving those customers who have a natural gas or propane generator with no fuel. Diesel is readily available, safe to store for long periods of time and more accessible. It used in construction, farming, heavy machinery, and transportation. Some people even make their own fuel called biodiesel. In a disaster situation when you can't depend on others to supply you with fuel, having your own safe supply of it is what often influences people to pick diesel-powered generators over gas. You can toss a lit match into diesel and will not ignite.

Unlike gas-powered engines diesel is not a solvent, it is an oil. It helps lubricate the engine as it works. It also contains more energy by volume than gases. Because of the higher energy density and increased power, engines using it are built much stronger. In return, they last an incredible amount of time, often twenty times longer.

When the power fails, and you depend on a generator to power your home or business, nobody wants to worry about gas engines that need to be serviced every two days with an oil change. Most diesel engines run for three weeks before they need one.

Some people power generators using natural gas or propane from tanks on their property. Those tanks also provide fuel for cooking and heating. It seems like a great idea at first to use the same fuel. Many don't realize how quickly that tank will empty when it is used to power a generator. That tank is often not full, to begin with so not only do people lose electric power; they lose their ability to cook and heat the home.