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Tough Generators for Tough Customers.

We build tough generators for tough customers. Our focus is on high-quality, not high quantity.  AURORA is a privately owned company, we do what our customers want, not what shareholders want.    We believe that no matter what your application is, from residential to prime power, off-grid applications, the generators you buy from us, will fit your needs. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal and to do so, does not require spending a lot of money.  You will find our prices are competitive. When you look at the quality of work that goes into each generator, it is clear to see why customers choose AURORA over others.

Why Pick Diesel?

Diesel standby generators remain the number-one choice for emergency power systems worldwide. Diesel produces much more power, costs less to operate, is safer to store because it is not as volatile as gasoline. The longer life and lower operating costs is what makes diesel engines so popular in trucks, trains, farm equipment, and every other heavy piece of machinery. Today diesel generators produce virtually no visible smoke and less harmful emissions than gasoline. You can even make your own fuel from used vegetable oil.

Diesel fuel is a light-grade oil. Inside any engine there are many moving parts that create friction. Gasoline and propane are solvent-based fuels, which promote friction and wear. Diesel being a lubricant reduces friction and wear. Today’s diesel engines last the longest, run a lot quieter and cleaner than ever before. We push diesel home generators because it also results in a much higher customer satisfaction rate.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Power failures disrupt normal life. They are becoming more frequent and seem to last longer than ever before. When it happens, we cannot cook, heat or cool our homes, communicate, supply fresh water or keep perishable foods. Everything stops, but there is need to feel powerless. You can generate your own electricity when you have a power generator. Selecting a generator should not be left to the last minute. Careful preparation will ensure you have time to select and learn how to operate it and have it installed if necessary.

A backup generator should power all essential items. For some this may mean just a fridge and a few lights. For others essential items may include medical equipment, TV for the kids, heating and air conditioning, water pumps and so on. Perhaps you want to continue living normally as if no power failure ever occurred in the first place? You may want to restore power to your whole home. This is all possible if you select the right size generator. All of them have different power capabilities. Our guides can help you and so can our staff in selecting the right size. The next decision should be picking the type of generator.