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Generator Fuel Pump Service VIdeo

Generator Fuel Pump Service Video

Fuel Pump - Diesel GeneratorThere is seldom a need to remove or service a fuel pump on your diesel generator however if your troubleshooting, can't start your generator or want to make fuel injection timing adjustments then this video is for you.

The lift pump - fuel pump is a spring loaded plunger and barrel mechanism. It rests on the camshaft and at right moment the camshaft lobe pushes the pump, pumping fuel up to your fuel injector. This timing is critical. The only way to adjust this timing is to physically move the pump closer or farther away from the engine camshaft so you effect when the lobe contacts the pump.

Between the engine body and the fuel pump is some copper shims. If you remove one of these shims it will cause the pump to move closer to the engine, camshaft and result in advanced fuel injection timing. This can sometimes help when there is less air density at higher altitudes and fuel injection needs to happen a few degrees sooner. Removal of one shim may help eliminate some black smoke that is caused from fuel not burning completely.


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